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Popularity of Eyeglasses Growing

For a long time many individuals who have vision problems have turned to contacts to help their eyesight. However with all the new advances in both lenses and frames, eyeglasses have become really popular again. Not only do many people find eyeglasses more comfortable to wear than contacts but they are also more convenient.  No longer do you have to hassle with solutions and poorly fitting contacts. Instead you can just put your glasses on and go! The new types of metals used in frames help to make glasses so lightweight you can literally forget you are wearing them! You can find glasses with titanium frames, which make them fairly indestructible, as well as frames from form fitting metal. These new frames are incredibly comfortable while still being stylish. The opticians at Dr. Gedamu and Associates would love to show you all the choices available to you.

Many lenses have become much thinner and durable as well as light weight, even in the higher prescriptions. This can help to create glasses that are so light and easy to wear you might give up contacts all together. There are so many stylish options available to suit your face shape and enhance your natural looks you may find yourself picking out more than one pair. Don’t forget to ask your Dr. Gedamu and Associates team member to show you the many options we have available.

If it has been a long time since you checked out eyeglasses and your vision needs have changed don’t wait to call our Dr. Gedamu and Associates office and set up an appointment to have you individualized vision needs taken care of with the best variety of glasses available. You might be surprised to find that you want to switch it up and wear glasses instead of always using your contacts. The comfort and ease might be just what you are looking for. Let your personality shine through with a new stylish set of frames!