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Is it Wise to Purchase Glasses Online?

In today's world, where a growing number of consumers are accustomed to buying anything and everything online, eyeglasses are a product that you should consider purchasing in person. Why? Although you may encounter reduced prices on the Internet, the advantages of purchasing glasses at an optician far exceed the ''deals'' you might score on the Web.

A convincing argument for purchasing glasses at an eye wear store rather than online is that you have an experienced optician to help you make your decision. Our staff can assist you with the numerous decisions you'll make in purchasing a glasses. If you shop via the Web, you don't have the experienced advice of an optician.

Because the shape of your head and eyes is unique, it is hard to identify properly fitted glasses without first trying them on. An eye doctor will take your measurements and select a pair of glasses that fit you just right and won't hinder your comfort. Eyeglasses that are not wide enough will cause pressure and headaches, while glasses that are too big can quickly slip off the bridge of your nose. Online eye wear stores may provide advice, however it is challenging to try and fit yourself.

Beyond the fit and feel of your eyeglasses, great eyesight requires accurate Pupillary Distance calculation. The optical focus of your lenses provides you the clearest vision, so it's important to accurately determine the distance between your pupils, or PD. It can be tricky to determine your own PD, but without this measurement, your lenses won't be aligned properly in the frames.

True, Web-based shopping is often perfect for other types of commodities, but when it comes to glasses your best bet is staying with your regular optometry center where you can find glasses that fit you and your lifestyle.