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Caring for Contact Lenses


Contact lens wearers need to be sure to treat their contact lenses properly. Improper care can lead to ripped or torn lenses, or or even serious eye infections or abrasions, which rarely but sometimes can lead to vision loss. People of all ages that are not responsible enough to take care of their contacts may want to seek an alternate form of corrective eye wear.

Don't worry, though... taking care of your lenses is simpler than it may seem. With all-in-one treatments and one-use contacts, taking care of your contacts is cheaper, requires less time and requires less trouble than in the past. Still, there are some important instructions to be aware of.

Firstly it's always best to speak to your optician to get personalized advice. Additionally, it's important that you don't change your care routine without asking your eye doctor first. Certain solutions can react with each other or with certain kinds of lenses and can harm your eyes. Our experienced staff can help you determine the right treatment for your lenses.

Proper lens care necessitates cleaning and disinfecting your contacts once a day. Make sure to rinse your hands with soap and water prior to inserting or removing your lenses. Your eyes are among the most direct places for harmful bacteria to reach your body. Further, avoid the mistake of using saline solution for cleaning or disinfecting your lenses. This is only suitable for rinsing and storing soft lenses. Additionally, be careful to disinfect your case with multi-purpose solution after each use and to keep it open and dry between uses. Eye Doctors recommend that you replace your case at least four times a year.

Yes, there may be an assortment of products out there, but armed with a little planning you can be sure you are caring for your lenses properly, guaranteeing healthier eyes and clearer vision!